Welcome to The Grail Codes- Online Temple of Learning

The Grail Codes - Temple of Learning was created in 2022 as a space to share the wisdom and codes that we vitally need to anchor now to support the transition into the New Age and our Ascension.

I welcome you here fellow Lightworker and Friend.

All of the courses and content in this space have been channeled by Alexandra Gabriel to help us all in our journey back to the light.

"Just because you don't know who you are yet. Doesn't mean there aren't people

waiting for you to remember."

- King Arthur -

''I truly loved this course..''

''... I have no musical background and initially felt I wouldn’t be able to do the course. However not only did I found it quite naturally hilts doing the throat chakra attunement meditation I reconnected with an old spirit guide and my sister (33 years deceased). I have such a feeling of being cleansed and am so grateful .....Namaste.''   

Kathy Bradshaw

''I am extremely happy I took this course..

''.. I feel totally confident in doing sound healing of the chakras after taking this course. I knew already about the chakras but I loved the way Alexandra connected all the aspects, not only using the sound to help someone but using colour, the energy of the planets, the affirmations for the chakras based on how they need to be when they are open and clear… loved her demonstrations super clear!

I just bought the level 2, I can’t wait to start it!''

Esperanza Flaquer

''It was inspiring''

''I have done a sound class before and what I loved was how this one still taught me something new. It was inspiring and I came out with more confidence because I have a better understanding.

Can't wait for the 2nd one! I resonate so much with Alexandra! Beautiful! ''

April Purves

Hi, I’m Alexandra Gabriel

I am a Lightworker and channel living in the Sacred Isle of Avalon in the UK. I have spent my life studying the ancient mysteries in my practises as a Devotional Musician and as a Transference Healer working with the 7th dimensional frequencies of the Lightbody. Everything you find in this online Temple has been channeled by myself in support of your journey back to the light.

Till we meet in the ethers!

With Love,

Alexandra x